Jesus Christ was a Halfbreed
SION, November 1, 2006:  Christian Zionism has come of age.  Christians of all denominations are experiencing the second coming of Jesus, not merely as being divine, but equally as being human.
The true Jesus of modern Christians is right down to earth.  I believe the historic Jesus was a halfbreed.  I grew up among halfbreeds and I love them.
If that sounds vulgar then so be it.  In my world being a halfbreed carries no stigma.  In fact, halfbreeds are beautiful people.  There is merit in intermarriage.  True halfbreeds are citizens of the world in the ultimate sense.  They live in a world of love which is not only interdenominational and inter religious, they live in a free world which is interracial.
Let me elaborate on that.  It is my humble belief that our Lady of Sion gave birth to a Son who was half Jewish and half Roman, and whom Christians have accepted as the Savior of the world.
In other words, Jesus had an earthly father.  The Christian doctrine of the immaculate conception and the virgin birth is a substitution, a cover-up, or better still, a sublimation of the truth that Jesus Christ had an earthly father as well as an imaginary heavenly father called God.  I believe Jesus was every bit as human as he was divine.  I hold the view that his biological father was a Roman soldier.
There was a rumor among the Romans in Jerusalem in Jesus' time to the effect that Jesus was a grandson of Julius Caesar.  I personally have no problem with this theory if you want to call it a theory. I believe our Lady of Sion fell in love with a Roman soldier and conceived a divine son by him.  The soldier himself was probably an illegitimate son of the great Julius Caesar, regarded by the world's most powerful civilization of the time as God incarnate.
Does that take the holiness out of the Holy Virgin?  Not in my world, and not in my community.  Halfbreeds are not some sort of second-class citizens!
After the Holy Virgin gave birth to her firstborn, whom she named Jesus, she married a carpenter by the name of Joseph and had further children by him.  But her firstborn remained uniquely the Son of God.
True Christian Science is not racist.  Modern Jews, I believe, are not racist either.  The New Jerusalem, in its ultimate Christian context, does not belong exclusively to the Jews.  It belongs to the whole world.  This may for some Christians just now be in the process of beginning to evolve, but I believe it's here, and it's here to stay.  Jesus Christ in the space-age new millennium has come back down to earth.  He lives and loves in his followers.
Christian Zionism no longer lives in a schizophrenic world in which believers are on their way to eternal glory and regard non-believers as infidels and blasphemers on their way to eternal hell.  That kind of bigoted Christianity is dead.
Heaven and hell are states of mind which all Christians share equally with the rest of the world in which we live.  Every one of us has his share of both heaven and hell.
When Jesus ascended into heaven, that was a transcendental hypnotic spiritual experience for his disciples.  Jesus' spirit rose into heaven and his body descended into hell.  I believe his body was cremated in the city dump on the outskirts of Jerusalem, where it was purified by fire and rose into space in the form of gases.
Jesus, like his predecessor Elijah, went to heaven in a chariot of fire.  Today he is coming back to earth as the founder of the New Jerusalem.
Let's bring this down to our own little Christian microcosm called Sion, Alberta, Canada.  When Catholic Christian missionaries from Europe founded the community of Sion well over a century ago in the Lac Ste. Anne and Lac La Nonne areas of Alberta, they did not discriminate against halfbreeds.  True Catholics did not discriminate then and they do not discriminate now.  Christianity in its ultimate New Jerusalem context is not bigoted.
There is a very dear lady, 86 years young, living at Calahoo, near Sion.  Her name is Florence (nee Dion) Mitchell.  Her father, Joseph Francis Dion, a school teacher on the Kehewin Indian Reserve near St. Paul, Alberta, is widely regarded as the founder of the Metis Association of Alberta.  His daughter Florence, still alive and healthy and with a memory as clear as a bell, married a man named Richard Mitchell, who became a heavy equipment operator in Sturgeon County, where Florence still lives.  As for Florence's father, Joseph Francis Dion, under his leadership the Metis Association of Alberta began  to evolve into the powerful organization it is today.
Joseph Francis Dion died in 1960, and his son-in-law Richard died four years ago, in 2002.  There is another Joseph Francis Dion, still a young man today living on the Tsawwassen Indian Reserve at Vancouver.  Joe is a past Chief of the Kehewin Indian Reserve.  He is married to Ruth Fisch, a dear friend of mine whose grandparents lived in the Sion area away back in the early thirties when I was just a kid in knee pants.  I met Ruth's grandparents in those early years back in the dirty thirties.  They have long since gone home to be with Jesus, but their memory lives on in the Sion area.  They owned a farm just north of Deadman Lake, north of the old Ludwig Plitt farm bordering both Deadman Lake and the Alexander Indian Reserve.
To me this is fabulous history.  Joe and Ruth Dion have a son named Joshua, a teenager who was just a baby when I first met him years ago.  Joshua is now in Grade 12 in school on the Tsawwassen Reserve.  I hope he comes back to Alberta and goes into politics.  If he would run for political office in the Sion area I would be tickled pink to vote for him.
Joshua's father Joe Dion himself is a great politician.  Not only is he a past Chief of the Kehewin Reserve, he is also a past President of the Indian Association of Alberta, and he today operates a highly successful corporation called Dion Resources, specializing in oil and gas exploration and production.  The historic Joseph Francis Dion (Florence Mitchell's father) was Joe's uncle, and Florence is Joe's cousin.
Joe is also related to the Dion families living on the shores of Lac Ste. Anne (Gunn and Alberta Beach) with whom I grew up back in the late thirties and early forties.
I had the privilege of voting for Joe when he ran as a Liberal politician in the Westlock-St. Paul constituency in the 2004 federal election.  At that time Elections Canada had me on their voters' list for Westlock-St. Paul, since I have an R.R.1 Busby address, and Busby happens to be in the Westlock-St. Paul riding.  So I went to Busby and voted for my friend Joe Dion.
Joe put on a terrific campaign.  As a successful farmer himself his emphasis was on agriculture and rural development.  He was and remains a personal friend of then Agriculture Minister Bob Speller.  Joe garnered nearly five thousand votes in that election, which was enough to bring him in second to Conservative Dave Chatters.  Alberta turned out to be a little too Conservative for Joe, but that takes nothing away from him as a good politician.  God bless him!
Now getting back to Sion.  Ruth (nee Fisch) Dion has a sister, Lois, who still lives in the Sion area, on the Lac La Nonne Road, on the south side of Secondary Highway 651, married to Harold Mickelson, an employee of Westlock Tractor Parts.
            Ruth, Doris and Lois Fisch were the three daughters of Hugo Fisch and his wife (nee Redel).  Hugo himself died at the age of 34, but his widow lived for many years in Barrhead until she too went home to be with Jesus nine years ago.  I have precious memories of the Fisch family of the Sion area, and I have precious memories of the Plitt Family, also of the Sion area.  My mother was Emma (nee Plitt), buried in the Baptist Cemetery, Onoway, in the summer of 1942 when I was only 12 years old.
(courtesy 2004 campaign office, St. Paul)