Energy and Inertia: E=MC2
SION, February 14, 2007:   The Judeo-Christian system of thought known as Christianity has entered the space age.  At least in my mind it has.  That means Christianity has come together with the science of Astronomy and its handmaiden, Astrology.  It's all one and the same thing to me.
Let me explain.  Back in the mid-seventies I put together some magazine articles for a Winnipeg-based publishing house.  I did these articles in partnership with a remarkable young woman by the name of Maggie Yeo, who classed herself as an Astrology priestess.
Maggie taught me the most basic principle of Astrology.  The whole universe, she explained, consists of two things, meaning two elements or two forces.  The whole universe consists of energy and inertia.  
Maggie was right!  
A man who is regarded by many scientists as the most profound thinker of the 20th Century, a Jew by the name of Albert Einstein, introduced to the world a universal theory of relativity built on the astrology doctrine of energy and inertia.  
Energy, Einstein said, is interchangeable with what we call matter.  In fact, energy and matter are one and the same thing.  They balance each other out.  Matter is inverted or locked-up energy.
Einstein expressed his theory of relativity in a simple formula that goes like this:  E = MC2.  What this formula says is that Energy equals Matter (or mass) multiplied by the speed of light squared.  Doesn't sound very complicated, does it?  It may not sound complicated, but this formula, this equation, revolutionized mathematical physics and led to the discovery of nuclear energy and the consequent development of the atom bomb and its successor, the hydrogen bomb!
Einstein in his later years openly identified himself as a pacifist.  He joined the popular ban-the-bomb movements and took a public stand against war as a means of settling human differences.  
Now let me apply the theory or principle of relativity to Christian thought or philosophy.  I have made the statement in some of my literature that God is a fantasy.  That is only half the truth.  It is also true that God is simply Energy.  
Energy and fantasy, in fact, are interchangeable.  They are basically the same thing, only in different forms or manifestations.
Moses, the Man of God who led the children of Israel out of bondage in the land of Egypt, said to God one day that he (Moses)  would sure like to see him (God).  "There shall no man see me and live," God replied.  But God did arrange to pass by Moses and let Moses see the dark side of him.  It's a fascinating story.
God is energy, and energy is so all-consuming that if you try to see it, it will kill you.  It will consume you.  You can see energy in matter, but you can't see energy itself.  
The concept that God is Energy is as old as man's ability to think.  When man discovered fire he discovered God, because fire is energy.  The earth's oldest forms of religion worship or revere fire as God.
Moses actually, in his younger days, became aware of God being fire when he had a metaphysical experience out in the desert one day.  He saw God in a burning bush.  The bush in the desert burned but it was not consumed.  And out of the burning bush God spoke to Moses.  
In a sense that's poetry, but it's profound poetry.  God is fire.  That means God is simply energy.
When you look out into the starry sky at night and see millions of points of light called stars and clusters of stars called galaxies, you are in a sense looking at a fantasy.  What you seem to be looking at really isn't there any more
            You're not looking at a star as it exists today, because the light that strikes your eye left that star years ago.  In the case of distant galaxies, some of what you see left its place of origin millions and possibly even billions, of years ago.  
What you're looking at is not where God is, but where he was and what he looked like millions or billions of years ago.  Out in space things are constantly moving and changing.  The only constant which exists, in fact, is change.  Those stars and galaxies from which you receive light signals which were emitted many years ago have since moved on, and what you are seeing today is in one sense a fantasy.  You're looking at what energy left behind as it moved on.
You don't have to believe this.  Just tell me I'm crazy.  But this is the kind of thing Einstein wrestled with when he formulated the theory of relativity.
Let's come down out of the sky now, and face down-to-earth reality.  Physical reality, that is.  That's what science is all about.  But physical reality isn't all there is.  There is also spiritual reality, and that dwells in the realm of the imagination.  
We humans, in the final analysis, are half scientist and half artist.  We are half physical reality and half spiritual reality.  
We are not only scientist, we are also artist.  Religion is art.  It's an act, it's a fantasy.  Religion and science aren't at war with each other.  They are in harmony with each other.  They reflect each other and they balance each other.
Let me close off my babblings this way.  There's something really beautiful in the medieval bit of fantasy expressed in the age-old supplication, "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of our death."  
Our Lady of Sion dwells in the realm of our imaginations.  She is art, she is poetry, and yes, she is magic.  So is her fantastic Son, our Lord and Savior.
Since we are not only artists, however, but also scientists, the best we can do is cross ourselves in deep respect and meet God halfway.  
I'm tickled pink to be associated with a tiny rural community in Alberta, Canada, which more than a hundred years ago was named by Catholic priests in honour of Our Lady of Sion.
I consider it an honour to serve as the Village Idiot in an imaginary community which is associated with the New Jerusalem.
Thanks for tolerating me even if you don't like me.
I'm the Sion Village Idiot!
                 — LEN STAHL